The Loveliest Things : Megan Prosser

The Loveliest Things- Megan Prosser

1. Snow days

Living In England these kind of days are un-predictable and un-guaranteed, and it’s this that makes them even more treasured, and celebrated by children and adults alike when they come. There is something thrilling about watching a storm begin to blow in and the communal acceptance of this interruption, or break from your routine. “One can almost hear a unified sigh rise from the nearby city and countryside where nature as intervened to give respite to weary humans”. Weather conditions such as these seem to release you from expectations and demands on your time, and open up time for hot chocolates inside by the fire and community snowball fights in the parks. It seems to draw everyone together whether its too moan about the temperature or to join in one big snowman making mission.

2. Letters

Call me old fashioned, but in a day and age where communication is so constant and immediate with apps like snapchat and what’s app for the instant transfer of information, I love to return to the letter. Using crisp neat writing paper often decorated with cute motif’s just gives me a little thrill to create something instead of just sending sent on a hastily typed message. A hand written note just seems to show the effort and love in the words. There’s something about sending off a letter and imagining the recipient’s reaction to this little surprise through the letterbox that rather romanticizes the simple act of communication for me.

3. Dressing for the day

There’s no denying the well known, well worn love a pair of leggings and old t-shirt when slung on, can give you. You feel at home, comforted by the soft material and well-worn fit of these wardrobe essentials. But there is something uplifting about dressing for the day, on those days where the sky is grey or I have a full schedule that I am dreading. Its these days where I take extra care selecting my outfit, choosing something I know looks good on me and will give me that extra spring in my step as I walk to my meetings or work. Nowadays I try to recognize those days where something especially pretty is going to make me smile and set me up for a busy or long day.

4. The sky in the morning

Lately I’ve been teased, though admittedly rather innocently, by my friends for my constant exclamation at the beauty of the sky. My instagram reel filled with pictures of the jaw-dropping sights that have greeted me in the morning. It’s the precious moment at the start of the day, when the sleepy town just seems to be reluctantly waking up, when the sky seems to be God’s welcome to the day, a promise of beautiful things to come. The colours that I have seen let me imagine God as an artist, tastefully mixing bright blues, and soft sunset hues before artfully sweeping them across the sky to greet me in the morning.

5. Surprises

Anyone that knows me knows my love for the giving and receiving of surprises. I am a pesk at finding them out, most surprises spoilt by my curiosity and nosy nature! Yet one of the things that brings me the most joy is planning little surprises for those that I love, a care package in the post to my friend at University, a packet of letters for a friend going on their travels, a little bag of pamper treats for a friend having a stressful time at school. There’s something about putting together little treats, or words that you know will bring a smile to a friends face when they receive this package. An out of the blue moment of kindness is the best kind don’t you think?


Megan Prosser - The Lipstick GospelMegan is a student living in the rainy but beautiful cotswolds in the UK, but dreaming of mud huts in Africa she has come to know and love. She is passionate about writing about things that matter in today’s context for today’s young people. A dispeller of stereotypical opinions about young people she strives to make a difference starting with the little things in life. You can read more from Megan on her blog, or on Facebook





  1. Holly says

    Love this! Where is the “One can almost hear a unified sigh rise from the nearby city and countryside where nature as intervened to give respite to weary humans” quote from?

  2. says

    I LOVE to write cards. I write with a fountain pen and deep pink ink. Sometimes I change the colour. I practice my calligraphy. I want recipients to know they are important because I know I feel special when I get cards and notes. Once in a while, I write a letter. Just because.

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