The Loveliest Things: Megan Anderson

The Loveliest Things - Megan Anderson

1. Written Letters

Handwriting conveys so much more emotion than typing ever could. And getting something done by hand means someone thought of you, got out a paper and pen, thought about what they were going to say, wrote it down, sealed it up, and mailed it. No amount of typing will ever replace that. And to be fair, I enjoy writing them as well as receiving them.

2. Warm Cookies

Having grown up with a mother who bakes, I’m a bit spoiled here.  The way they fall apart when they’re right off the pan is more than made up for by the amazing flavor. I’ve had chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven more times than I can count – and I’ve never even come close to growing tired of them.

3. A Good Pair of Socks

I realize most women are supposed to love shoes, but I love socks. They come in all styles and colors, to suit your environment or mood. The really big wool ones I wear in the winter are like blankets for your feet – cozy and comfortable as you pad quietly around the house.

4. A Good Book

Ever since I can remember I’ve loved reading. When I was in grade school my parents had to constantly tell me to “put the book down and do your homework”. Aside from the stories themselves, I enjoy becoming familiar with each author’s style of writing. In the past few years I’ve realized that if I am really enjoying a book I will procrastinate finishing it, as if to preserve the excitement of discovering a treasure.

5. The Spanish Language

There is something beautiful about a second language. It’s more than just a practical skill. As you learn, you find you can interact with a lot more people, and understand other cultures much better. There are books to be read and music to be listened to. Spanish is my second language, and in addition to sounding beautiful, it was a huge asset when I lived abroad.


Megan Anderson - The Lipstick GospelMegan is a twenty-something living in the Midwest US, figuring life out in the midst of the transition between adolescence and adulthood. You can find her blogging about her past travels and current thoughts at





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